Mahabasket’s vision is simply to create best assisted online electronic market for best of rural India which connects them to Global Internet Users.
We are currently connecting Pune’s rural self help groups to Maharashtra’s Internet users to sell products that you love, once you buy something from here we take no profit cuts on what you buy and directly credit the self help groups accont.
Mahabasket is an initiative of Pasistence Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. Pasistence has worked in digitalization of Maharashtra’s urban Pune, semi-urban Amravati to rural Gadchiroli from more than 3 years.


Whats use of a an expensive website without an increase in your sales?
At Pasistence, we take care of your website from the nut shell and harvest it till the end.

Your website will be build on a detailed market research's report. And the same market research data will be used for enhancing the sales of your business through a careful and planned strategy.

Our best search engine optimization techniques will make you best amongst equals on search.

Our Website Solution includes
- Market Research for the business
- Content Writing
- Enhancement of Sales - Search Engine Optimisation.


We Understand your growth and your operational problems.

The world is running at its fastest pace ever and so do you. So why let complex no's stop you from achieving your growth.
We at ‘Pasistence’ have made a best fit as well as cost effective ERP Software Solution for Sales, Stock, MIS and Accounts Management. Our software is a very powerful tool for Invoicing, Inventory Control, Sales and Purchase Control, Order Processing, MIS and Accounting. The program has got powerful features to take care of all requirements of your business and serves as an agent of perfection for you.

Our ERP Solutions include cost effective tailor made Software Solution for.
- Sales
- Stock
- Invoicing
- Inventory Control
- Purchase Control
- Order Processing - MIS and Accounting. .


ONEANSWER, is an unique software designed to fulfil needs of the complex procedures of any service or goods provider.

ONEANSWER answers all your operating questions you have from a crm software. It not only eases your operational complex tasks, however it also benefits managers and top executives by providing all the filtered information for progressive decision making on a click.

We provide CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Users get powerful functionality they'll actually want to use, driving higher adoption and greater business insights.
- A completely transformed, individualized CRM
- Customized classes for all customer-facing employees
- straightforward simplicity, mobility, management and execution .


Pasistence's Human resource management system, a complete web based software covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement. Time & Attendance system is critical if labor cost accountability is required. Since most of them have a keypad, they can also be used to collect production work order or billing related data.
HRM Solutions include cost effective tailor made Software Solution for
- Web Enabled / Client server architecture
- User friendly interface designed for employees
- Embedded HR best practices Extensive Tooltip features
- Centralized Information
- Accurate Reporting
- Controlled access
- Customized approach


We enhanced traditional support paradigms to deliver a better, more personal experience that your customers will remember.

Our Helpdesk Solution Includes

- Email management, support requests sent into corporate mail boxes, such as can be converted into uniquely identifiable tickets.
- Each help desk staff has the ability to create a new ticket within their respective staff interface.
- End users can subsequently use the interface to view requests they've submitted in the past as well as responses from the help desk.
- Customised web solution package up to your expectation.

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