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About Us

About Us

Our mantra is “Passion drives and persistence delivers” which signifies “Pasistence”.We connected more than 50 thousand Pune’s Agricultural and more than 15 thousand Maharashtra Police and forest officers and also more than 20 thousand citizens of Amravati to technology.

Our Mission is to revolutionize Indian Banking and Civic Tech connectivity for India’s next generation to and planning to increase per user productivity in these sectors by 2019.

Founded in
First e-commerce project


First Banking Project


First Mobile Application


Initialization of Verticals one


First Logistic Project


Collaboration with Asia's largest DCC Bank


Led Digital Campaigns for major political party


Completion of Verticals one software Alpha Testing


Launch of Verticals one


First client of Verticals one


Initialisation of HR Hint


Completion of Verticals one software Beta Testing


Completion of HR Hint Alpha Testing


Completion of HR Hint Beta Testing


Pro with us collaboration of first collector office


GDCC Bank projects integration with verticals one and HR Hint


Launch of Mahabasket


Launch of Global Market Spaces SBU


Latest News

The latest news, thoughts and updates from the team.

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Modern Impact: An Interview with Ashay sawalkar

Money is not evil money gives you the power to buy the economic resources land, labor, capital and you do it with your entrepreneurial skills, which is the fourth factor of economy.

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Passionately Persistent: An Interview with Ashay sawalkar

Procrastination is good to avoid our own impulse troubling you. When you are confident of something and utmost sure about it the impulse encourages you to...

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Virtual reality: Selling the Invisible

Have you ever felt heat without fire? Or, warmth without heat? Or, wet without water? Have you ever felt cold without ice?

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How to overcome procrastination and how to meet the deadline?

His small-town upbringing notwithstanding, entrepreneur Ashay Sawalkar’s focus and ambition has him headed for big things.

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Radio Mirchi: An Interview with Ashay sawalkar

People do not move whatever their passion is because they want to see a quick result and that never happens truly.

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