Modern Impact: An Interview with Ashay sawalkar



we went to Gadchiroli where we have connected 12,000 people in Gadchiroli working for you and us, Maharashtra police seva and Indian Forest office with financial integration with banking system. IBM did not do it ,infosys could not do it. Pasistence did it. So that is right now what we are doing how do you overcome all these things? You gotta have a lot of believe in yourself one day you'll find yourself.


So I was working since I was 18. I was always Learning and I was always working. Oh, this is good you will do a lot of things in your life. But if you're not working, you're not doing anything good.

Q: When you find yourself ?

You find something for yourself and I found it. So, how did I overcome it? I found myself when you lose a lot of distraction, you find a lot of focus inside you. You know, when people are not there. you're not pampered, people not caring about you, you don't have a girlfriend, you're basically your one-man show running your own bread. Then you find yourself

Q: We have gone through a profile. If I'm not mistaken. you were the youngest team leader at Vodafone SERCO. So how did you manage to become a youngest team leader there?

So I went for an interview. I failed in eight interviews and after fourth month I got selected for this interview because I prepared every time I failed and they selected me as a team leader. I did not promoted as a team leader. I went for a team leader job and I got selected for the team leader job. Basically if you give you a 100% ,you will be amazed by your talent. I single-handedly raised the CSAT of Pune from 82 to 96. why I was able to do all these 360-degree things because I gave my 100 percent. Rasing CSAT from 82 to 84 is a massive thing AND I did a tremendous job by raising it to 96 within one and half month.

Q: To survive among such a huge competition what did you do differently ?

My 100% determination towards task.

Q. behind every successful man there is a woman who was that person in your life?

This is woman dominating sentence. In my perceptive My Mom is successful. My wife is successful. I am also doing good. My father is successful my brother also successfully. There is no person out there supporting you if you are not supporting yourself.

Q. what was that One moment, which turned your life completely?

My failure in a engineering. I Completed BSC without any year drop. I passed with 60-65% while I was working.

Q. Why you chose this as your career?

I like what I Do. You know what happens in business you create money out of thin air. And money is not evil money gives you the power to buy the economic resources land, labor, capital and you do it with your entrepreneurial skills, which is the fourth factor of economy.


Become Business man until & unless you want to change the world! Like big brands formulate retail strategy to sell food all over the world.


We believe in our mantra “Passion drives, Persistence delivers“ which together signifies Pasistence. I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. Natural ability is important, but you can go far without it if you have the focus, drive, desire and positive attitude. .