How to overcome procrastination and how to meet the deadline?

Procrastination is good to avoid our own impulse troubling you. When you are confident of something and utmost sure about it the impulse encourages you to take the risk, whereas procrastination helps you to avoid unnecessary trouble and pulls you back to neutral for a well-thought approach. This is a gift from cave age. A hunter had to kill for the living and not getting killed was equally important.

As we know, it’s basic emotion and hence complicated

What you could do in Steps: -

1. (First few days while not troubling your procrastination habits) Basically motivate yourself and remember motivation is like bathing. It has to repeat in newer ways. For that, you can watch videos to boost the confidence once again and do things with thoughts you have.

2. (Use the impulse you gained to shut the procrastination, remember victory is not far away) Always, I mean always completed the task which takes less 10 mins and never procrastinates. You will understand the power of little things we do in life.

3. (Repeat this whenever you are going to eat that cheesecake - You are what you eat) Eat healthy food. You are what you eat. Remember you are master of your body and emotions too.

4. Get up early and join a gym (Pay for it to know it’s worth and find a gym which is not very near to your place, so that you can avoid that extra cushion of 5 mins sleep snooze). Nothing surprises a better lifestyle than having an exercised body.

5. Learn Music. It will make you calmer and more energetic. Then make sure you give your 100% to follow this schedule for at least 3 months. And then find new things to keep you healthy and active. This will make sure you continue everything until step 4.

It's not going to be easy but hey doing nothing is worst.