Radio Mirchi: An Interview with Ashay sawalkar


Q: What you have done in technology?

I left AMDOCS at the age of 21 I thought a lot of technology which we integrated in Amdocs is not getting out and under gov environment so we please this to government and then we started integrating banks so we have integrated 3,000 + Farmer and do banking sector with PDCC bank and out of them we are given to 3 to 4000 peoples got job through online process earlier is not possible lot of policeman to be precise 12000 policeman and forest officers are now connected in gadchiroli with this technology and they are making sure there job is getting done because we have electronically connected them to the digital platform which we have . In brief, we make sure people lives are changed they are not the same as they are used to be in the 90's.We making sure financial integration is there other.

Q: Is the First time you connected with mirchi?

yes, and every person who works on mirchi they are enthusiastic and age is quite young so we sink and there is new idea on table they are ready to go for it and they want to do it even better.

Q: What made you start and What you will advice?

Basically I just Start, when I start I don't have an idea this is the result of persistent so pasistence is basically passion and persistent is a Pasistence because we thought alone persistence or passion cannot change the world so passion and persistence can change the world so our tagline is passion wise persistent Deliver so driving factors there but lot people do not move whatever their passion is bcoz they want to see quick result and that never happens truly,
so I started this company but for the first 3 months I don't have a marketing experience and local marketing experience is zero because I only worked in MNC's and then I have come here and was thinking salary will come at the end of the month and it not happen and I had expenses so in the first 3 months we had zero revenue and then I thought ashay you need to learn something new and that's what we have done and then I got my first sale first share was 21,000, so we secure some money some in lakhs and we bought some laptops and I painted my whole office white because of steve job I admire him because I don't want to be 2nd steve jobs and he is my inspiration keep that in mind and painted my office white and telling you why should not follow someone so blindly so I painted my office white which is in old sanagavi and in sixth month lots of holidays come into the picture and some an auto driver who was trying to steal thing in our office. so in six months, we all screwed, so now our main office in Hinjewadi and then we got better security there but I am telling you in sixth month everything better right and then I didn't know what to do but I told out myself and we had into sales again and as well as managing my people.

Q. What Was your families Reaction when you thought to get into this business?

They are thinking the best out of you probably you have a lot of confidence and you to make sure that you will do good and 1st you have to make sure that you have survived 2nd you have to make sure you have got lot AIMS list if you are in 90 business because getting new client is a headache so out of 10 clients even 2 gives aiming that relation you can building that kind of values you can add into business your business thrives in 3rd year and bcoz you have to continue source of income and then you can build up product.